As China marks a quarter century of economic change and transformation,it stands poised to enter a new era.With the WTO entrance finally behind it and the Olympics 2008 and Expo2010 ahead of it ,China is undergoing a new wave of changes in every sense.Moreover,Global Conditions are presaging its entry as a strategic partner and player on both blobal and regional levels.Nonetheless,a host of economic,fiscal and business challenges remain in the midst of its fitst systematizrd leadership transition.How China manages its multiple transformation is the story of its new rea.
Drawing together a broad array of expertise,regional analysis and concrete business judgments ,China:Enabling A new Era of changes sets a benchmark in synthesizing and clarfying the diverse factors that are shaping China's century.Thins book,the second in a series of boks from the World Economic Forum on Aisa,Presents:
-deep insight by leading economists and thinkders from china and abroad
-provoctive analyses of China's strategic relation,glboally and with Ease asia and Japn
-short policy pieces by chinese government leaders from the regional and central levels
-an executive roundtable that brings together a uniquelydiverse gorup of foreing and Chinese business leaders,and challenges them to address and comment on China'a most significant gorwth challenges.
This book is bothe a thought-provoking commentary on China's evolution,as well as a handbook for charting the country's contuinuing development.It is suitable for both the general erader sekking a buide on the main forces shaping China's growth as well as for the business person interested in tapping into the emerging opportunities.
?br />?br />?br />【Index】
Part 1:Introduction
Mapping China's Future:What Scenarios,What Strategies?
Part 2:Perspectives
Fan Gang
Roform and Development:The Dual-Transformation of Chin
Hank Paulson & Fred Hu
Banking Reform in China:Mission Critical
Laurence J.Brahm
Zhu Rongji's "Managed Mardtization" of the Chinese Economy
Andy Xie
Financial Sector Reform:Competition Must Drive Capital Allocation
Hu Angag&Guo Yong
Administrative Monopoly,Corruption and China's Economic Transformation
Geopolitics and Regional Relations
Philip Bowring
China 2002:The Geopolitical Context
Zhang Yunling
China and the New East Asian Regionalism
Victor Chu
Japan and China-A Competitive Partnership
Part 3:Views from the Government:
Chen Jinhua
Looking Ahead Past Wto Entry
Peng Sen
Accession to the WTO:New Opportunities and Challenges Facing China's Socialist Market Economy
Wu Xiwei
A Vision for Ventur Capital in China
Long Yongtu
China's Entry into WTo:What Does it Mean for the Global Economy?
Li Yuanchao
Development Strategies for Big Cities
Part 4:Executive Roundatale
Reviewing Progress and Looking towards the Future With:
Hironori Aihara
Richard Edelman
Cyrill Ewltschinger
Jiang Jianqing
Peter Lau
David K.P.Li
Jack Ma Yun
Edward S.tian
Wang Wei
Zhou Lin
Zhang Yur
Part 5:Conclusion
?br />?

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