??e book of Chinese characters? Mythical Pen


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?/span>??e book of Chinese characters?Mythical Pen


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?/span>Gift box: A mythical pen, 4 books, 2 VCDs, a DVD, an earphone, a datum line, a mythical pen sack and manual.?


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"The book of Chinese characters?is a super Chinese language teaching material which has 4 words in 1 sentence literately and all of words are put into different categories and compiling in iambic rhythm. Full books include 4000 Chinese character which cover the daily Chinese characters jointly confirmed by Ministry of Education and State Language Work Committee and examination Chinese characters by HSK. ?/span>


These books combine literacy, wording and phrasing, Xi Yun, correction of pronunciation together to make children grasp all commonly used Chinese characters in all one's life to an organic for 4- 6 months. The children of 5 years old could finish "The book of Chinese characters?in 4 months. The books can improve the speed of literacy 15- 20 times and the consolidating rate reaches 74.6%, i.e. 2984 words.


?/span>"The book of Chinese characters?Mythical Pen adopts the latest technology and pronounce automatically when the learner point it to one character or one sentence.


"The book of Chinese characters?Mythical Pen has the following functions:

1.?????? Pointing and reading function: Click the word in the related textbook through the pen and the pen can utter the clear, standard pronunciation of corresponding character or sentence.

2.?????? Uttering sound with loudspeaker: The built-in loudspeaker can realize utter the standard pronunciation directly.

3.?????? Listening with earphone (Or external speaker): learner can listen with the earphone alone; the External speaker is suitable for teacher's demonstration and students?outdoors study.

4.?????? Reading repeatedly: the user can listen to some word, sentence, and section repeatedly to strengthen the results of learning.

5.?????? Broadcasting automatically: the user can break away from the textbook to study.

6.?????? Turning over the pages and choosing automatically: the user can realize the chosen content and the pen broadcasts automatically.

7.?????? UDB download function: the user can reach websites to download the studying content?through the computer to meet limitless expansion and change the study the content.

8.?????? This mythical pen adopts NAND FLASH to store and its capability is 1GM, and so can download many books once. So if you have one piece of pen, you can study more books .


This product is Suitable for:

?/span>Children of 3-10 years old, preschool workers, foreign friend who study Chinese.?



?/span>?The teacher or parents instruct students or his children to use and study according to the teaching schedule.


Children's gain:

??This product can help children to know 4000 Chinese characters in a short time easily

??Reading aloud ??e book of Chinese characters ?丰n train the child's sense of Chinese language.

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