The complete collections of Chinese Shaolin Wushu


??e complete collections of Chinese Shaolin Wushu(Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts )" was obtained by Mr. Deqian(popular name: Wang Changqing) from the monk named Yong Xiang who was a military monk of Shaolin Temple and collected and copied secretly before the fire was burnt in Shaolin Temple. On the foundations of ??e?/span>millennial collections and records of military monks in Shaolin Temple ", " Shaolin secret traumatology of bone " and " 48 fists table " . This book combines the Shaolin Wushu imparted by Zhen Xu(the teacher of author's master)and Su Xi(author??master),and " The secret recipe of Shaolin Temple " imparted by De Chan(Doctor in Shaolin Temple) . The author of the book went to 17 provinces in the whole country at his own expense, and the whole journey reached 25,000 kilometers. During the journey, the author interviewed secularized monks and got a large amount of firsthand precious materials. In March of 1982, getting up early and going to bed late every day, the author began to put the material in order and wrote the book. At that period, the author??daily work was often up to more than 18 hours and often forgot eating and sleeping. At last, after undergoing infinite pains and the hardships for 13 years, the author accomplished this monumental work "The complete collections of Chinese Shaolin Wushu " which has 3 million high-quality words and 20,000 figures, and also includes 384 sets of fist and instrument set patterns in Shaolin Temple altogether, 103 kinds works, such as instrument of Shaolin, Qigong , Skill hit , Health care set , Hitting vital point , Qinna , 72 skills, etc., 1360 proved recipes by monks of past dynasties and more than 120 personalities and great teachers of Shaolin Wushu at all times.

After this first edition of book was published, the book was issued to 86 countries and regions in the whole world, and was appraised by 36 experts in China and foreign countries. The experts think: ??e Complete collections of Chinese Shaolin Wushu?is the first Wushu monumental work of the world at all times. This book not only has the true historical data and abundant content, but also is arrange systemically and easy to understand. It is a great encyclopedia for the study of Shaolin Wushu and has very high research value and collect value.

Every sentence and word of this book condenses the author's energies, the true value of this book is its promoting Chinese Wushu and its making beneficial contribution to human physical health.




第一编 少林拳法基础
第二编 少林拳谱秘诀集锦
第三编 少林拳常用术语注解
第四编 少林武术竞赛规则
第五编 少林拳优秀套路图解

第六编 少林气功
第七编 少林擒拿术
第八编 少林点穴法
第九编 少林七十二艺
第十编 少林打擂术
第十一编 少林长寿法
第十二编 少林枪术
第十三编 少林棍术
第十四编 少林剑术
第十五编 少林刀术
第十六编 少林九节鞭
第十七编 少林稀有兵器
第十八编 少林兵器对练
第十九编 少林兵器总谱
第二十编 少林医药秘方集锦
附录 少林武术大事记

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