Shaolin Liquid for injuries from falls


Shaolin Liquid for injuries from falls, 60ml/bottle.

??span class="lh13">本品全部由手工精心制作而成,溶入更多人文因素和药物配置,炮制、成药均采用原少林程序,丝毫不敢懈怠,使用起来更能领悟更多的少林人文历史。 [主要成份]:木香,三七,白芷,红花,樟脑,冰片,黄柏,骨碎烳,白酒 [功效]活血化瘀,舒筋通络,行气止痛,活血消肿 【适用人群】各种急性扭伤,挫伤.跌打损伤,软组织损伤 【用法用量】外用,将患处洗净擦干,将药液喷涂于疼痛处揉搓。每日3-5次。 【注意事项】皮肤过敏,破损者孕妇禁1用 【规格】60ml/瓶 【储藏】密闭,置阴凉干燥处 【批准文号】豫卫健用字[2002]第0070号 【执行标准】Q/ZSYB 003-2002 【保质期】二年 【生产厂家】郑州少林医药保健品厂 嵩山少林寺第三十二代弟子释行真(朱天喜)大师献方秘制 [英文介绍] This product is made in the prescription offered by Zhu Tianxi who is thepresident of Zhengzhou Shaolin Wushu College. [Function] Promotion blood circulation to dispel stosis,relaxing muscies and tendons and activating the channels,activating vital energy to stop pain,promoting blood circulations to dispelling lump. [Main Ingredients] Bandsian rose,notoginsen,safflower,the root of dahurian angelica,camphol,camphor,golden cypress,the rhizome of drynaria,distilled spirit. [Applicable] The person having theumatalgia,lumbago and leg pain,the protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disci,cerical spondylosis omitis,ischialgia,osteoproliferation,traumatic injuries,the strain of lumbar muscles,unknown gall,the pains caused by soft tissue injuries. [Dosage]see instruction for details. [Specification] 60ml/bottle [Approval Document No] YWJY [2002] 0069 [Ptoduction Date] see sealed place. [Lot No] [Executive Standard] Q/ZSYB 003-2002

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