The Fifth Dan Chang Quan Form


??utines of Chinese Wushu Level System: The Fifth Dan Chang Quan Form
Instructor and demonstrator: Hui Qiuli
Publisher: Henan Electronic and Audio-Visual Publishing House
Language: Chinese and English
Packing: 1 VCD, Jewel Box
Regional Code: Free, all
ISBN: 7885093212
ISRC: CNF420300100

Program and Content Description

The Fifth Dan Chang-Quan Form is the Fifth Level Long-style Fist.

The fifth dan chang quan consisting of 53 actions, is the standard routine for Dan's promotion of Chinese wushu.
This routine of changquan is one of classical routines in Chinese wushu. It is smooth and elegant, simple and practical, reasonably and finely structured.
Demonstrator: Hui Qiuli, the first place winner of Chinese national martial arts competition.

"Chang Quan," many styles have the name as it can refers to a long form (more than 50 techniques), is a long range form (strategy based on long range fighting) or a long history (like that style supposedly created by Emperor Taizu, 927-976 AD). Also there is a modern creation of the Nanjing National Martial Arts Institute with that name, it is mainly a compilation of many northern styles or forms (Tantui, Lianbu, Bengbu, Gongli, ...) and is sometimes even called northern Shaolin quan or Shaolin quan! There is also a compilation of Moslem styles (Cha quan, Hua quan, Pao quan and Hong Quan ) made in 1956 and which became very popular, from this Chang quan a "modern wushu demonstration style" has been created, with very low stances, very long techniques and pretty acrobatic motions. Very beautiful but quite unrealistic in applications.

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