One-segment Chang boxing,Two-segment Chang boxing


?evel 1 Chang Quan / Level 2 Chang Quan (Self-Instruction program VCD)
Demonstrated and explained by Li Hui, Lei Peng
Language: Chinese and English
Published by Henan Electronic Audio and Video Press
ISRC CNF420000340
"Chang Quan" Many styles have that name as it can refers to a long form (more than 50 techniques), a long range form (strategy based on long range fighting) or a long history (like that style supposedly created by Emperor Taizu, 927-976 AD). Also there is a modern creation of the Nanjing National Martial Arts Institute with that name, it is mainly a compilation of many northern styles or forms (Tantui, Lianbu, Bengbu, Gongli, ...) and is sometimes even called northern Shaolin quan or Shaolin quan! There is also a compilation of Moslem styles (Cha quan, Hua quan, Pao quan and Hong Quan ) made in 1956 and which became very popular, from this Chang quan a "modern wushu demonstration style" has been created, with very low stances, very long techniques and pretty acrobatic motions. Very beautiful but quite unrealistic in applications.
Chinese Wushu Level System Courses: Level 1 Chang Boxing, Level 2 Chang Boxing
Boxing of level system is a basic and required form. Its movements are simple and easy to learn. It is an ideal course for a new hand.
Level 1 Chang Boxing demonstrator and instructor: Li Hui, professional Wushu coach
Level 2 Chang Boxing demonstrator and instructor: Lei Peng, professional Wushu coach.

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